Who’s Behind All This Greatness?

So, this blog/podcast is the brain/love child of Josh, Will and Seth.  We all blog (I hated typing that part) on our own, but want to do something together as well.  We plan to update this site throughout the week with things that we find and like.  This could be videos, pictures, food, puppies, math problems…whatever.  So, if you think that you will like what we think that we like, then I think you will like this site.  The podcast will be available to stream/download from this site (probably every Monday, but maybe not…don’t be so needy).  We may get iTunes fancy one day…just depends how much we actually care.  For those of you out there who might be thinking that we are taking ourselves too seriously, you obviously do not know how awesome we are.  For starters, here is a little about us:


Will: WC loves politics. And he’s a Republican. We don’t get him, but he gets us, and we like that. Also, he’s a hopeful friend of Eddie Winslow. He’s so good with the ladies… Eddie, not WC.
Author of WillCrosswell.com
Occupation: Politician/Lover
What do Seth and Josh think of him?:
Seth: Will – The Thrill
Josh: I would make love to this man.


Seth: That’s “Dr. Seth” to you.
Author of TenTonTruck
Occupation: Student
What do Will and Josh think of him?:
Will: Seth has kicked a baby before. What does that mean? I don’t know, but if a “baby” is our social pulse where Seth has seemed to have his finger on for quite some time now, then I encourage Seth to “kick that baby” all the way to Funkytown. Will you take me to… Funky… town?
Josh: Seth is my brother so therefore, I’m biased. He sucks so badly.


Author of BreakfastLunch-n-Dinner
Occupation: Gamer/Critic/Student/Artist/Corey Hart
What do Will and Seth think of him?:
Will: The youngest member of the crew, but no less, arguably the funniest. With a keen sense on “musik” (WC nor Seth support or know what “musik” means) and social trends, Josh has more tricks up his sleeve than Stefan Urquel. Which is a lot.
Seth: Be quite now, Josh

If you want a little taste of what greatness is in store, here is episode 1 of “The Officer Winslow Society Podcast”
We are still working on some technical difficulties, but we bet its a lot better than you could do. You can also listen/download it here and don’t forget that for on the go, you can right click this link and hit “Download Linked File As…” and listen in your car, on your bike, at work, at family dinner, gathered around the fireplace, in your car, in your car, or in your car, etc.


One response to “Who’s Behind All This Greatness?

  1. Great pod cast – I laughed and it became a part of me – but Seth – be nice to your brother!

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