Pinwheellogo1WILL: Pinwheel: The reason why so many kids born in the 80’s are messed up. It was like watching Sesame Street on acid and eating a bowl of Froot Loops. Read more here about the show but watch the opening to this kids’ show. It shall take thine mind and decimate it. If anyone can confirm that you watched this show growing up (Cook girls excluded), I’ll paint a portrait of you. You’re welcome.


SETH: Oh, I watched Pinwheel.  I payed lots of therapists and a hypnotist to help me forget it.  Today, though, I remember Pinwheel.  Specifically how Ebenezer T. Squint literally gave me nightmares. Thanks, Will, for bringing a horror from my childhood screaming back to me.  I don’t know what it was about this guy…the fact that he was green, looked strangely older then everyone else, his nose, his voice, that he lived in the basement, or the fact that he grew weed that scared me.  Yes, that is right, I said “grew weed”. Don’t believe me?  Consider the evidence:

It’s strange how you don’t pick up on things like this when you are a kid.

Interesting fact about Pinwheel:  The show was the original program featured on the Nickelodeon network (the channel itself was known as “Pinwheel” until 1981).


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