Babies. Skating. Skating Babies.

WILL: If I knew or if my parents knew for a second that there was a skating babies coalition or organization, we could have been making bank off of this YEARS ago. Oh well, goodbye telephone in the bathroom. Enjoy the skating babies.


One response to “Babies. Skating. Skating Babies.

  1. C. RunningDear, M.D.

    As the sites unofficial medial expert I have got to say that this video is concerning in several respects.
    First of all is it really safe to let children loose to play in a big city part in this day and age? Also, I did not note that there was any encouragement for these pre-tots to stretch prior to the roller events. Very concerning. Finally the vintage 80’s onezies are likely not made of the ecofriendly materials so vital to the infant wardrobe of today. So before you sign your children up please consider these aspects of their safety. -Dr. RunningDeer

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