American Idols

JOSH: American Idol – ain’t it grand?

Since auditions for American Idol have started, I thought it would be appropriate to talk about my own “American Idols.”  William Shatner, Bert (of Bert and Ernie) and Joni Mitchell.

William Shatner

A.K.A: Bill, Captain Kirk, Scruffy Nerf Herder, Priceline Negotiator

Proud Motivation Behind:

Proudest Pop Culture Moment:  It’s a tie!  I cannot decide between the fact that he is believed by Tyler Durden (Fight Club) to be the sole winner of “the ultimate fight”, or this vid:

Why I Love Him: Because he’s out of his freaking mind and he knows it.

What’s Next: A ballet set to his album with Ben Folds and Henry Rollins



A.K.A.: Bert

Proud Motivation Behind: This costume

Proudest Pop Culture Moment: Nightmare On Sesame Street

Why I Love Him: He’s yellow, funny, and long suffering. Reminds me of Will. You know, because Will’s yellow.

What’s Next: Probably more Sesame Street. It’s been around since November 10, 1969 and is in it’s 39th season. Hopefully, this show will continue to entertain and educate children until I have some of my own.


Joni Mitchell

A.K.A: The best folk singer ever, ever, ever.

Proud Motivation Behind: Artists such as Tori Amos, Alanis Morissette, Björk, Stevie Nicks, Jeff Buckley, Clannad, Elvis Costello, Dan Fogelberg, Janet Jackson, Maynard James Keenan (Tool), Cyndi Lauper, Annie Lennox, Madonna, Chan Marshall (Cat Power), George Michael, Morrissey, Juice Newton, Conor Oberst, Prince, The Roots, Roxette, Shakira, The Sundays, Fiona Apple, Holly Brook, KT Tunstall, Feist, and Schuyler Fisk.

Proudest Pop Culture Moment: Playing at the Isle Of Wight festival
Joni at Isle Of Wight

Why I Love Her:

What’s Next: Nothing as of late. Joni is suffering from Morgellons syndrome which has put her latest endeavors on hold.

Well there you have it. Just some of my many personal American Idols. More to come as I think to expound.


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