This will be the only Michael Jackson post I ever do…

SETH: This is the Michael Jackson Matrix.  This chart basically makes any Michael Jackson biographies unnecessary.  For that matter, the Michael Jackson movie, which I am sure is already in production, might not be needed either.  You can click the Matrix below for a bigger version (that you can then make even bigger by clicking on it!).



There has been a lot of MJ Coverage backlash on the ol’ Facebook lately.  People are now saying “ENOUGH!”, “NO MORE MIKE!”  I think I counted about 15 status updates that were in opposition to MJ and his memorial/media coverage.  My favorites are the people who say something shocking like “Come on…he was ONLY a singer!”

WELL I SAY ENOUGH WITH THE ENOUGH MICHAEL JACKSON COVERAGE!  Also, here is a sweet video of a little kid playing “Billie Jean”.


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