100 Lists

JOSH: So I found this list that contains 100 Things To Write A List Of 100 About and I thought that I would share this, and some of my personal, shortened answers with you.

Topic #3: Ways I Sabotage Myself
1. I let myself watch movies with Brendan Fraser.
2. I acknowledge Insane Clown Posse as an actual band.
3. Uh….

Topic #6: Questions I Want Answered
1. Why do fools fall in love?
2. What is the average flight speed of an African swallow?
3. Why can’t I grow a beard like this?:

Topic #48: Things My Parents Used To Say To Me
1. That’s a hard lesson.
2. Are you lying?
3. Want a Snickers?

Topic #53: Places I’d Like To Visit
1. Luxembourg
2. Brendan Fraser’s grave
3. The Animaniacs water tower

Topic #87: Principles To Live By
1. Be a fighter for love
2. Will Crosswell is beautiful
3. Get rich or die tryin’


One response to “100 Lists

  1. C. RunningDear, M.D.

    SO i see that Will has found MJ’s color and now his dermatologist is rich enough to buy Neverland. FDA warning: please not that skin altering procedures are not life altering unless you are prone to a metoric rise to fame such as the WC.

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