Where The Wild Things Arn’t

SETH: The movie I am most excited about is Spoke Jonze’s Where The Wild Things Are.  I have watched the trailer for the movie several times and read just about every article I could find.  I check We Love You So which is a blog dedicated to “…help shed some light on many of the small influences that have converged to make this massive project a reality.”  SWEET.  Anyways, over at Monsters and Rockets, the Disney test screen for their version of Where The Wild Things Are is up.  After watching it, I am so glad that this movie was not made by Disney, and that is was not made until the 2000’s, since you would need just about every piece of technology available today plus about 2 flying cars to keep with with Jonze’s masterful mind.

Here is Disney’s vision of the film:

Here is Spike’s vision:

NO CONTEST!  I am not only talking about the difference of technology here, I am talking different visions!  Maurice Sendak was no simple dude, and I think the undercurrent of his book likely extends beyond a mischievous dog and more likely into the vast universe presented by Mr. Jonze.

Don’t know much about Mr. Jonze?  Watch everything he has done RIGHT NOW!


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