Musik Feeds The Soul, And Ego.

JOSH: So this story about Kanye West proclaiming to be the new ‘King Of Pop’ is apparently a joke, but I think it might be okay. I mean, Kanye West is the “freaking shizz” so why not? I mean, have you guys heart Love Letdown? It’s so great!
Vodpod videos no longer available.

Kayne, you suck.

On lighter news!
The Backstreet Boys are back with a new album called “This Is Us.” Apparently, the other albums weren’t them and they want clarification. That’s cool. Here is the single:

Yeah, that’s pretty terrible. Look for it on shelves on October 6th, and in trash cans October 7th.

Now here is a guy who can’t play musik at all, but managed to make a sick nasty vid. Thanks to Sam for showing me this:

Here is a similar idea. This guy from Thru-You takes videos of people who perform solo instruments and edits them with other videos to make songs. Here is a taste:

Okay, okay. You guys don’t get it. I only have 33 songs in my iTunes library folder playlist deal. 33 songs… 32 OF WHICH ARE IN THIS MEDLEY! This is like my favorite video of all timesies!

Oh musik, you are so nice.


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