Vodpod videos no longer available.

So today, at 12:34:56 it will be 8/7/(20)09 in America and 7/8/(20)09 in the UK. About a month off from America’s chance at succeeding at this video. Why post it now? Partly because I just found it, partly because I need to weigh out my options for 12:34:56 on 7/8/(30)09, partly because I can’t fly to Europe today.

Here are some options:
Uno: Kiss someone, possibly a celebrity?
2) Kick someone, possibly Seth?
3) Lick a puppy and say, “See? How does it make you feel? It’s pretty useless huh?!?!”
4) Attend a Girl Talk concert and yell “I AM ALIVE”
Jive. Pop a balloon
6) Skydive
7) Update a post on TOWS
Eight) Strum a guitar… plugged in 1,000 amps
9) Beat up an “altbro” or a scene kid
10) Teleport
11) Take out the trash
12: Clap
13) Watch the entire Lord Of The Rings Trilogy, sped up 300x faster than normal, condensing the entire series into one second.
14) Sell my stocks
15) Laugh at a Brendan Fraiser movie/Die

What do you guys think?
What are you guys going to do?
Is this post pointless?
Is time pointless?
Don’t you wish you could perceive time like Dr. Manhattan?
You don’t know who that is?
It’s a character from Watchmen.
Read the book, it’s better than the film.


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