There’s An App For That… Dummy.

JOSH: “There is an app for everything, even when there shouldn’t be.”

Here are some of the most useless apps the iPhone offers.
Hold It:

Yes, the object is to hold the button as long as you can. Thankfully, there is a timer attached, so you can see just how long you wasted your time.



I Am Rich

Unfortunately, this app was discontinued by Apple near its release, but not in time for 8 people to spend $999.99 on this app. All it does is present this red jewel on your screen. It lets people know you’re rich, and an idiot.

Newton’s Cradle

The best part about doing these things is pulling the actual balls back. Now, with the touch of a finger, you can simulate that exhilarating feeling… ON YOUR IPHONE! WOO! Pathetic.

By the way, thank you to Will who let me look through his current iPhone applications for this post.


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